Artwork Requirements

What is the difference between a VECTOR and RASTER artwork file?


Vector Artwork Viewed at 100%                            Raster (Bitmap) Artwork View at 100%
raster-100.jpg             raster-100.jpg

Vector Artwork Viewed at 400%                            Raster (Bitmap) Artwork View at 400%

vector-800.jpg           raster-800.jpg


Accepted Vector File Types:

  • .eps*, .ai, .cdr, .svg and .pdf*
    *Only if generated from a vector file by a vector program


Standard Vector Programs

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Corel Draw


Submitting Your Artwork

In order to print your logo on apparel, bags, or promotional items, a vector based artwork file is required.  All logos/artwork must be in proper Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw vector format, otherwise artwork charges of $50 to $100 will apply. Files sent should contain artwork at the actual-size it will appear when printed. If artwork must be re-sized, it will be sized to best fit the given imprint area.

Accepted File Formats   

  • Adobe Illustrator CC (version 17) or older  (saved as .ai / .eps / .pdf*)
  • Corel Draw X7 (version 17) or older (saved as .eps / .pdf*)
  • A .pdf* file is acceptable, provided it is generated and saved from a vector graphic editing program
  • All fonts must be created to outlines/curves before sending your artwork.



Simply saving a RASTER “bitmap” artwork in a VECTOR program does not make it VECTOR.  The artwork must be generated / created using the actual VECTOR program.  If you have any questions regarding your artwork, please contact us at