Soccer Goal & Field Paint - Terms & Conditions

These items are palatalized and delivered via truck.  The trucking company will deliver the shipment to the "curbside" of the address provided.  This is where the customer takes delivery.  Ensure adequate help is available to unload truck as pieces may be up to 24'L and weigh up to 150 lbs. 

When the shipment is delivered, the customer is responsible to verify the following: 

  • The # of pallets / boxes received matches the # listed on the Bill of Lading (delivery receipt you sign)

  • Every box is carefully inspected for any visible damage.

In the event your order arrives damaged or is not complete you may refuse shipment in which case it will be sent back to the vendor.  If you refuse the shipment please contact us at 800.743.4117 so we can contact the vendor to have a replacement shipment sent.  Please note it may take 5 to 10 business days for the replacement shipment to arrive.  

If you accept the shipment any shortages or damage MUST BE WELL DOCUMENTED in writing on the Bill Of Lading (delivery receipt you sign).  Unless otherwise noted on the Bill of Lading, your signature confirms the order is complete and there is no damage.     

In the event your order is damaged in transit or not received complete please take a picture of the signed Bill of Lading (must have written notes indicating what is missing and / or damaged). 

For orders missing boxes, please take a picture showing the # of boxes received. 

For orders with items damaged in transit please be take pictures of the damaged item(s).

Please forward images to your sales rep or contact us at 800.743.4117 so we can contact the vendor to get this resolved for you.

If customer signs the Bill Of Lading without documenting shortage(s) or damage,  the customer is fully responsible for the cost and shipping of any replacement parts.